Ajax Talk and Ajax USA: partners in crime!

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Ajax Talk and Ajax USA: partners in crime!

Bericht door Kowalczyk » do feb 03, 2005 1:32 pm

This is a sort of homecoming... It must have been 1998 and 1999 when I first started posting at Ajax Mania, the by far nicest Ajax discussion forum on the internet. Ajax Mania no longer exists, some of my old Ajax Mania friends started this beautiful new forum named Ajax Talk and now... we (Ajax USA) are partners!

Yes indeed: the frighteningly democratic Ajax Talk administrators have allowed us, Ajax USA, to invade their English Section and use it as the discussion forum for Ajax USA. For this I am deeply grateful. Ajax Talk looks great, has a tremendous quality standard, a unique sense of community - and I know most of the regulars here. This is a very special moment indeed.

Ajax USA members (and, for that matter, all other international Ajax fans): you are encouraged to register and participate in our discussions. Let's make the Englisg Section of Ajax Talk the most lively English-language Ajax community on the internet.

A few rules and guidelines:

1. the English Section may have a different official language than the rest of Ajax Talk, it has the same 'constitution': the same rules apply. Quite simply: we expect you to behave yourselves - and we are confident that you will.

2. Ajax USA publisher Jim McGough (nickname: ajaxusa) and I (Menno, editor of Ajax USA, nickname: Kowalczyk) will serve as the moderators of the English Section, in close cooperation with the administrators' team of Ajax Talk.

3. due to the success we've had with it on our previous discussion forum we will continue to moderate the English zones like we moderated the Ajax Zone on SoccerPages: we will try to keep the number of threads small, so that they will remain busy and lively. For example: every Ajax player will have an 'individual' thread. Please post all of your comments, criticism and gossip about that player in that particular thread. It will grow nice and long that way, it will remain lively and - most importantly - the thread will develop into a useful source of information and opinions on that particular player. Please post in existing threads if you can - and don't take it personally if we close your new topic down and link it to an existing one. It doesn't mean we don't appreciate your contribution; we're just trying to 'direct traffic' in the way that has proved succesful in the past.

Right - I guess that's it for now. Welcome to Ajax Talk, Ajax USA faithful, and enjoy yourselves!

On behalf of Ajax USA,
- Menno
Ajax USA Editor
Still alive...

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